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Welcome to 

Lutheran School

Our Mission

The Mission of Sunbeams Lutheran School is to inspire God's beloved children to become life-long learners.

Educational Philosophy

Our student-centered learning environments, rich with hands-on project-based learning, supported with curriculum and parental involvement are designed to enhance a student’s growth in six developmental areas:


Students will learn that God created everything, He loves them and sent His Son, Jesus, to die for their sins, He cares about their daily needs, through faith the Holy Spirit draws them into His family, and He has prepared a mansion for them in Heaven. 


Students need to feel positive about themselves, that they are special, and can do things well.  They will learn that others are special, too, and will respect their feelings and ideas through socially appropriate behavior.


Students will learn problem solving, researching, exploring, and classifying through hands-on learning experiences. They will explore math, science and social studies through project-based, meaningful learning activities.


Students will improve their language and listening skills through hearing and retelling stories, listening to songs and poems, and following directions.  Their expressive language will develop through sharing ideas with others, communicating their needs, singing songs, and strengthening their story telling through writing. 


Students will express their creativity, both musically and artistically, using a variety of materials as a means of self-expression, and self-satisfaction through individual and group projects relating to the project-based units they are studying.


Students can discover more about themselves through body movement.  Physical well-being and fitness help them develop their fine and gross motor abilities as well as a sense of teamwork.

Our Classrooms

At Sunbeams, we offer classes from preschool through fifth grade. Each classroom provides instruction of our Christian beliefs and fosters engaging learning experiences backed by research-based curriculum. 

What Our Kids Say About Sunbeams

"I like Sunbeams because we sing songs and I have a lot of friends!" 

-Preschool Student

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