Multi-Age Preschool


Daily Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri. 9:15AM-12:00PM

Daily Schedule

9:15  Arrival, hang up bags, coats, and wash hands
9:25 Get work supplies and do morning work
9:35 Choice time/Small groups
9:45 Wednesday Chapel 
10:00 Opening, Calendar, Discussion, Jesus Time, Children's Literature
10:25 Project time and clean up and wash hands  for snack
10:45 Snack
11:00 Clean hands and Gross Motor Outdoor Play, Class Games, wash hands and return to class
11:30 - Review our day, Music, Children's Literature, Daily reporter
11:50-12:00 Get ready for dismissal and go upstairs with teacher to wait for parent

Yearly Theme Unit

Exploring the Preschool Environment
The World of Colors
Shapes/Sizes/Math and Numbers
My Senses
ABC Letters and Books
Nursery Rhymes
Valentines Day/Friends
Countries Around the World
To the Sea
Under the Sea
Farewell to Friends




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Oct. 15-19