Ms. Rumsch’s Remote Learning Page


Week 13 (June 8-10, 2020)

Review all the letters of the alphabet with this Letter Factory video.



This clock resource can help you practice time at home.  The clock can show the real current time, or you can click on the dice and the clock will show a different time for students to figure out.  The 12/24/0ff buttons allow you to see the digital time or not.  You can also click on the hands of the clock and move them to show different times.  Interactive clock.



“Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten” by Joseph Slate



“I Knew You Could!  A Book for All the Stops in Your Life” by Craig Dorfman



Week 12 (June 1-5, 2020)

Our Bible story this week is “The First Church”.  You can read it in the Beginner’s Bible pages 480-483.



“If You Take a Mouse to School” by Laura Numeroff



This video is a virtual field trip to a weather station in Florida.  Storms are different in Florida, and we don’t have hurricanes in Washington, but we can learn about how meteorologists forecast weather and track storms.

PBS Learning Media: Weather Station Field Trip 

BONUS Weather Video!  This 30 minute video is “Weather Education Day” sponsored by KOMO news and the Seattle Mariners baseball team.  Weather Education Day



Week 11 (May 25-29, 2020)

Our Bible story is “The Holy Spirit Comes” from Acts chapter 2.  It is in the Beginner’s Bible pages 473-479.



To help you write your own storybook, here are two more books to listen to by Laura Numeroff.

“If You Give a Moose a Muffin”



“If You Give a Cat a Cupcake”



For Unit Study we are learning about rainy weather.  Here is a science experiment to make a raincloud in a jar:



Listen to the song “Singing in the Rain” for puddle jumping on Friday.



Week 10 (May 18-22, 2020)

Our Bible story this week is “Jesus Goes to Heaven”.  You can read it in The Beginner’s Bible pages 466-472.


For ABC time, we are learning about the author Laura Numeroff.  She wrote “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.



“If You Give a Pig a Pancake”



“If You Give a Dog a Donut”



For Unit Study we are learning about cloudy weather.  Here is a silly story about weather: “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi Barrett.



Week 9 (May 11-15, 2020)

Our Bible story this week is “Jesus Walks on Water”.  You can read it in The Beginner’s Bible, pages 364-370.



We are also starting a new unit study on Weather!  This National Geographic Kids book “Weather” (written by Kristin Baird Rattini) includes information about a lot of different kinds of weather.  This week we will be focusing on sunny weather.



Week 8 (May 4-8, 2020)

Lego Subtraction!  You can use Legos to practice subtraction.  Just make sure you start with the Lego that has more dots/bumps on it.  Here is a worksheet to get you started. Lego subtraction worksheet



This week we finish our unit study about Energy, Force, and Motion.  Listen to this storybook, “Move It!  Motion, Forces, and You” written by Adrienne Mason.  (There are optional experiments included in the story too if you want to try them out!)



Week 7 (April 27 – May 1, 2020)

Spring Break!  Enjoy some time with your family.  If you are looking for some ideas of things to do, here are some Spring Connection Activities.



Week 6 (April 20-24, 2020)

Our Letter Person this week: Meet Mr. X who is different.


As we continue learning about Energy, Force, and Motion, here is another story: “Newton and Me” written by Lynne Meyer.


Here is the storybook for Friday: “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle:



Week 5 (April 13-17, 2020)

Our Letter Person this week: Meet Mr. Q who loves questions.


We are also starting a new Unit Study about Energy, Force, and Motion.  Here is a video to introduce force and motion.


Week 4 (April 6-10, 2020)

Holy Week Timeline






Beginner’s Bible Easter Story


Here are some additional math resources for you as you continue learning about Number Bonds this week.

Domino Number Bonds uses dominos to practice number bonds: domino-number-bonds

Fix the Number Bonds gives students the chance to match answers to the correct number bond: fix-the-number-bonds

If your student is looking for a challenge, try Bubble Number Bonds: Bubble number bonds.CHALLENGE and Number Bonds All Around: number-bonds-all-around.CHALLENGE .  Each number bond has one part missing, but sometimes it is a part and sometimes it is the whole answer.  These are additional resources only if your student is looking for a challenge!


Week 3 (March 30 – April 3, 2020)

Our Letter Person this week: Meet Ms. Y with her Yodeling Yawn.



Week 2 (March 23-27, 2020)

Our Letter Person this week: Meet Ms. K with her Kaboom Kick.



Week 1 (March 16-20, 2020)

Welcome video



Our Letter Person this week: Meet Mr. C with his Colossal Cap.


This week in math, we are learning a new concept and looking at numbers as groups of 10’s and 1’s. This can be a challenging concept to practice, so I found a few additional resources to share with you. Both of them have components to print, but you can also look at them online to have your student practice identifying numbers by groups of 10’s and 1’s.

These Tens and Ones Flip Booklets are for the numbers 9-20 created by Dwayne Kohn ( The directions are printed around the edges of the black and white pages, and these are the only pages you need to print to make two mini flip books. The colored pages show you the answers. If you are not able to print the book, you can have your student look at the black and white pages and try to figure out the answers. There are pictures of cubes in groups of 10’s and 1’s to count and then color and write the correct number.

This one is a challenge game called Place Value Top It which includes numbers larger than 20. We are only focusing on numbers 11-20 right now, but this game is fun if your student is looking for a challenge. The directions are on the third page.