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Washington State Native American Links

    • On this page, if you scroll down to either the “Northwest Pacific Coast Indian Tribes” or “Plateau Indian Tribes” heading, you can find lists of tribes and links with information about them.
  2. Tule Mat Lodges
    • Today, we discussed how the Spokane tribe sometimes lived in tule mat lodges. They are not the only tribe to do so. Explore this page to learn more about tule mat lodges.

Spokane Tribe:

    • I was excited to find the official website of the Spokane Tribe as they are today. This link takes you to the history page of their website.
    • This was the primary website I used for my information. It has a few advertisements and typos on it, but I trust the information after comparing this information with other sources.
  3. Spokane people facts for kids by
    • Kiddle is a safe source for good information. However, there are many words and few pictures. The content is also not grade-specific to our age, so it may be difficult to digest at times. That said, it is high quality information.
  4. Washington State Native American Notes_Mr. Carnahan Spokane Notes